All-in-one paywall plugin for all content creators

Turn your readers into subscribers, lock premium content behind a paywall, and grow content revenue!

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Features that connect

No need to mix-match plugins. Everything is already connected with Zlick.

One-button payments

Widget is simple and optimised for highest conversions. Customers can pay by one button using their card or phone number.

Integrated CRM

Customers are registered and added to your CRM automatically. See their profile and manage their payment details in one view.

Email automations

Creating a weekly newsletter takes less than 1 minute. Content is pulled automatically from your site and put together into newsletter.

Behavioral Analytics

Track monetisation data & customer behavior on your site with advanced analytics. See everything from ARPU to Monthly Revenue.

Supports all media formats

Lock all kinds of content and sell access to it. One-Stop-Shop for Blogs, Podcasts, Streaming, e-courses, and more.

10-minute setup

Zlick is made for anyone without a need for tech team. It takes 10 minutes to connect everything and monetize content.

Setup made easy

Step 1: Install Zlick WordPress Plugin

Add new plugin in your admin panel and search the Marketplace. It will appear in your left hand side menu. That's where you can enable it and manage the length of previews for content.

Step 2: Connect Zlick and WordPress page

After you have registered on our Portal, just copy & paste your Publisher ID and API key to your WP admin panel.

Step 3: Set up Stripe account

There's a button in Integrations panel to Connect your Stripe account. Setting up a new accont takes 3 minutes. All your transactions are managed by Stripe and it's connected with Zlick portal.

Step 4: Set up your pricing

Find your way to Monetization plan in Zlick Portal and define prices for single purchase and subscriptions.

You are done!

Your paywall is ready for business. You decide which posts are paid & free in one click! While creating new posts in your WP admin, you will see the paywall tick box in the bottom of the page. Detailed instructions

"But paywall isn’t just a feasible option for media and digital newspapers. Technically, it can be used to lock any format of digital content, sell access to it in one click, and build your list of paying customers. This makes content creators less reliant on ad revenue while giving new options to monetize your blog, podcast, e-courses, live streams, and many other formats of content."

Read the article about how paywall is changing content creation market from Medium

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