Step-by-step Guide for Zlick

Our record time for installation is 9 minutes and 46 seconds. Can you do it faster? 🚀

Step 1: Install Zlick Paywall plugin

Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to plugins >> Add new. Search for Zlick Paywall and install it from the marketplace.

After you have downloaded and Installed the plugin, you have to activate it. Then it'll appear on your left hand side menu in WordPress admin panel.

Time to configure and connect it.

Step 2: Connect Zlick Portal with your WordPress page

Open Integrations panel in Zlick Portal. On Wordpress Admin panel navigate to Zlick Paywall configurations. Copy-paste your Publisher ID and API Key from the Zlick Portal to

You might as well configure your paywall while in here. "Apply payment on" manages at which level can paywall be applied on. It's set on post by default which we recommend. Secondly, "Previewable Paragraphs Length" is the number of paragraphs visitor can read before paywall widget is shown. Lastly, Enable the plugin and save again.

Step 3: Connect Stripe with your Paywall

Navigate to Integrations in Zlick Portal and hit "Connect with Stripe" button. You will be taken through their 3-minute registration process after which you'll be ready for transactions.

Connecting with Stripe is 100% trusted and safe. They are the largest and most used platform for online transactions globally and that's why we use them.

Step 4: Set up your pricing

Navigate to Monetization plan in Zlick Portal. "Subscription Name" will be displayed on paywall widget as well as transaction statements. Choose a name that is clear and connected with your business. Subscription pricing is on monthly bases; single article price is for one time purchase. Setup pricing for Live Payments mode and Test mode

You can choose the currency on your first login.

Step 5: Customize your widget

Navigate to Appearance for customization. You can adapt paywall widget to your brand by changing colors, customizing text, and adding contact information.

Widget is GDPR compliant with Newsletter tick box and terms & conditions link. Customers can also log in if they are already a subscriber. Our system is password-free and is connected with your email instead.

Step 6: Turn on Live Payment Mode

In Test Payments mode you can test with test Credit card data: (4242 4242 4242 4242), cvc(242), expiry(04/24). Flick on the Live Payment Mode and you are ready to accept real money.

You can hop between Testing and Live environment with this switch.
You are done! 👏

Your paywall is ready for business. You decide which posts are paid & free with tick box in the bottom of edit post page. You can change any post you already have to paid the same way.

Paywall widget will appear according to your configuration. By default, visitor will see first 3 paragraphs unless changed.

Congratulations 👏